Protect the ones you love! Pet car safety - Part 1.

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Protect the ones you love!

Have you ever considered how many pets die and get injured in car accidents? We wear seat belts and our kids have car seats, but what about our pets?

Throughout history, people everywhere have loved their animal companions. Egyptian were revered their animals - especially cats - as gods! At first, animals simply walked with us, or perhaps rode with us in a cart or a boat. Safe and slow.

With the industrial revolution came autos, trucks, trains, and airplanes. We all want to get there faster, but with speed, danger while traveling increased exponentially. To protect people from injuries many safety systems were developed and implemented. So safety also increased for … people.

Again, what about our pets?

When our four-legged ones are home with their owners, they are safely loved and cared for. But we also love our cars - it’s how we get life done in these modern times. And, traveling with our pets have become the norm.

Our hearts would break if our family pet died. Yet most people haven’t considered what we can and should do to protect them when traveling.

Here are the FACTS and the information:

Well known website provides detailed studies on the car passengers and their pets behaviors while driving the vehicle. That more or less accurate since there are more statistics collected by other organizations.

Here is the summary from

1. Distractions that may increase the risk of a crash while driving a vehicle:
⁃ 29 percent have been distracted by their pet.
⁃ 65 percent have participated at least in one interaction with a pet.
⁃ more than 52 percent have petted their pet.
⁃ 17 percent have had their pet sit on their lap.
⁃ 13 percent have given pets food or treats.
⁃ 4 percent admitted to playing with their pet.

2. Unrestrained pets and the dangerous outcome for the passengers and their pets:
⁃ 84 percent take their pet with them on a short or a long car trip (i.e. day-to-day-chores, groceries, shopping, leisure, vacation, etc.).
⁃ Only 16 percent used some form of restraint device.

Pets seat belts are widely considered the best safety system for a pet while traveling by car. It minimizes: distraction for the driver, pet movement inside the car, and pet injuries.

Airbags are deadly for small kids and our furry friends. Like small children, pets should be restrained in the back seat.

Well-made harnesses, crates or basket style holders, together with pet seat belts can be used with a cars safety latch system. “AAA recommends that pet owners restrain their pet inside the vehicle not only to avoid distraction, but to protect the animal and other passengers in a crash. So, each and every time you travel with your dog, just as you put on your seat belt when you hit the road, be sure you do the same for your canine companion.”

I, myself am guilty of not providing proper pet car safety for my two pups previously. After all this research I learned how and what to do. Our company’s website now carries pet seat belts. Our customers have also become more conscious about their pet’s safety and are buying seat belts. We offer a selection of harnesses: from X-small for small breeds to medium size, high tensile strength for larger breeds. As a minimum precaution, buy a pet seat belt and a harness so you and your dog, cat or other pet don’t die in a car accident. Everyone knows SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES.

Here are pet safety belts - as sold by TRAITS in many colors: Traditional pet car seat belts  and Dog seat belt attachment - Universal fit, Portable for Medium to Large Dog



Here are pet harnesses - as sold by TRAITS in many styles: harnesses for pets  





Buckle up your pet for their sake and yours.

For best protection we recommend to use a seat belt with a harness.

Protect the ones you love!


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