How to measure and select best harness for small to medium size dog

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When you select a harness for your pet, the size, style and purpose are important. All dogs are not the same: they have different shapes, sizes and daily activities. Please read each harness' description and measure your pup properly to pick the best harness. There are more type of harnesses on our website. Here is the link: TRAITS harnesses

Car seat belts are essential for you and your dog's safety when riding any vehicle. You can purchase these seat belts in many colors here: TRAITS seat belts

You and your loved ones can face danger when riding in a vehicle with an unrestrained pet. We are spreading the word: protect you and your pet! Here is some helpful information about pet car safety: You and your pet car safety


The neck should be measured at the base of the dog's neck. Make sure the harness' neck opening is large enough to fit your dog's head through it. To size your dog for the harness, measure the girth around your dog's chest, just behind the front legs, around the widest part of your dog's chest




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