Don't zap your PUP!

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Important things to know about...
Amazon, Walmart, Petco, PETSMART, E-Bay,,,,, and other pet product retailers sell this "torture"device to keep your dog silent. When dogs bark, they are speaking. Sometime, they have a lot to share: joy, pain, excitement, happiness and more. What is someone shocked you every time you talked? These and other similar devices induce a small current when the dog barks. There are humane ways to keep your pup quiet. Ban these "zappers".
Try to understand what your dog is trying to tell you instead. They consider warning you as their job. When they really warn you of danger, be the "leader of the pack" and be interested. If it's not anything you're worried about, tell them so and calm them down. If it was, say, a stranger at the door, tell them that they are good and reward them. They really want to help and be a part of the family.
Sometimes they want attention and they may bark for this reason. Just like family and friends, don't ignore them. Give them a little attention, it will go a long way.
If you are having difficulty, you can find helpful information in Cesar Milan's blog. We differ with Cesar about use of shock collars, but respect his love and care of dogs.
Stand against cruel treatment of dogs. Like or comment to join us, and tell your retailer. Your opinion is important to them.

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