The story of a little black kitten who found a home

black cat cute kitten rescued

Once upon a … fall day this year a young couple spotted a tiny wet and cold, a couple of weeks young black kitten on a cold street.


The kitten was barely alive. The couple decided to bring the youngster home till they decide - animal shelter or? A girl fed him warm milk. A guy wrapped him in a lot of warm towels. The young couple was worried. The kitten showed very little improvement. He was fed many times a day and watched all the time. Every day they grew very close to this little critter. One and the other week went by. The kitten’s lovely fur became shiny. His body and spirit was rescued. The black kitten was well and happy. The young couple decided to give this kitten a home. He became their sweet addition. The kitten said: Thank you. And the girl and guy said: You are welcome. And they live happily ever…

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