Welcome to TRAITS.

Our lives are intertwined with pets and so our collections for men, women and pets are together. We get inspired daily to create our simple and fresh graphic art by our interactions with the animals we love and care for.

All pets are precious - large, medium, small . . . and tiny. Animals cannot speak for themselves. It is up to us to speak for THEM.  We ALL are their voice! The Pet Fashion collection for your dog and kitty showcases fun graphic art on athletic fit, high quality zip hoodies and T-shirts, high tensile strength harnesses, exquisite collars, seat belts and more. 

Protect the ones you love! It is dangerous to drive with an unrestrained pet. Both you and your furry friend can be seriously injured. For information about protecting your family, see this page: Our Furry Friends

We are honored to donate a portion of our sales to local animal shelters.

The TRAITS team